Saturday, 8 January 2011

Video and Rant: Kid hates books

I remember when I was a naive and selfish child and hated getting books as gifts. Yes I wanted the latest toys and games every year for Christmas. One year I remember receiving a towel for as a gift for Christmas, I shouted out 'Towels, Towels, who gets towels for Christmas as a gift', it turns out it was my nan who was sitting in the room who had got me towels, and this was a supreme awkward moment.
I thankfully have grown up now, and will accept any gift which I get, within reason.

However this young kid is going through the same stage below in the video, as he receives a book which he just doesn't want to Christmas. It is clearly sitting next to a Nintendo Wii console, which may be the problem.

Have a laugh with it, what a classic it will become.

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