Thursday, 6 January 2011

Whip it: Willow

All the way back in October I bought you Meet theWill Smith clan. Have a read if you missed it.
The making of a Moaner: Meet the Will Smith Clan!: "The most kindest talented family When I am thinking of who is one of the greatest entertainers that has influenced me I can't help but th..."

Many of you got on twitter, youtube, facebook, and blogger to voice your opinions on one of the worlds youngest musicians Willow. You said she was to young, manufactured, and cheating her way in.
But I disagree with these statements. She is no longer Will Smith's daughter, but individual in her own right.
Yes I use the word musician because she is involvement in all creative aspects of her career. She is a true artist.

Here are some videos from the tube of you to show her behind the scenes of her first video shoot, and her singing live on NYE proving she has fantastic live voice for 10 year old.

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