Thursday, 6 January 2011

Top 3 odd Moans!

This week we have 5 moans for you to ponder over, perhaps it is affecting your life currently!

1# Pigs in Blankets

Yes this is a serious moan this week as just a mere few days ago we were showered with these fantastic and tasty treats almost daily around the Christmas celebration and party period. I feel that many of us out there are suffering without them, as our cravings and withdrawal feelings kick in. Not to forget all that chocolate we got for Christmas is ever increasingly going down in its number. Soon we will be back to our normal food diets, paying more of course. Tax increase!!!

2# Expectations

It seems that no matter where I go I have expectations of work and chores to maintain. Even when you pop home for a relaxing break I seem to be getting caught you in daily tasks which no longer concern me. Online shopping for my nan, taking down the Christmas decorations, cleaning, cooking...ah when am I meant to complete my work amongst this hectic list.

3# Running out of time

It is approaching that time for many of us when we will be heading back to work, university and school and I am sure with no doubt that most of you are trying to delay this process. Yes we want to get back to see our friends and and earn some money, but many of us are still is kick back mode. We are still remembering the days of rest where all we did was opened a cracker and wore a silly hat. It is time to realise this year has begun, and we either need to stay with it or let it runway around us. I suggest staying on top of this year whilst we have some motivation.


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