Thursday, 10 February 2011

Burned: Moan of the day!

I think I hit a bit of bad luck today, nothing seemed to go right. You can call it a bad omen, or just clumsiness and I wonder if it occurred when I walked on three drains in a row.

I was set on having some sweet and sour chicken this evening, but what a sour evening it turned out to be. I had been cooking away and washing up as I went along, and you could say I was indeed as happy as Larry for a while.

But disaster struck.

I somehow managed to catch my finger on the side of the boiling saucepan; and this wasn't the real problem. After catching my finger, I jumped out my skin as you do when you touch something hot...

In the other hand I was stirring the sweet and sour sauce, and when I jumped so did the stirring spoon, boiling hot sauce flicked across on to the floor but also up my sleeveless arm. I shrieked with pain as the boiling ho sauce landed on several parts of my arms.

I ran to the tap in the kitchen to try and get the sauce off and stop the unbearable pain, but from my washing up the water has boiling hot there also. I had to wait for this water to cool down, and then I stuck my arm under there. It was one of the worst pains I have ever felt in my life, as I have never broken anything, the worst being stubbing my toes up until tonight.

I think it may scar or blister, but I had water and creams on it all night.

However it didn't end there...later on I was microwaving some custard when it all exploding in the microwave. It all poured out the top, going all over the microwave that I just cleaned 2 days ago. Another boiling disaster in the same night. I spent the night worrying what I might to next.

Oh the pain of this bad luck...perhaps tomorrow will treat me well, hope I don't catch my burn on the duvet covers too harshly this evening. 

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