Sunday, 20 February 2011

Dog attack in the dark

Yesterday I was driven by friends to a party, but the journey wasn't that simple and as easy as it sounds, and boy did it make our night a whole load of crazy.

We were using the satnav ('tom tom') to find the party in question, but we missed a turn due to loud music and poor satnav following. The satnav re-routed our journey to get back on track.

It pulled us off the main road, and down on to a side road. It  wasn't tarmacked or well lit and we started to question if this was a road at all.

We traveled down it and came to some houses, and I suggested we were perhaps nearby a farm as it seemed to be surrounded by fields and off road mud.

We were still following the satnav for another 30 seconds or so when we reached a closed gate. We soon realised the satnav had found us any old road to re-route us and to no longer trust it after potholes and mud.

Turning around and heading back down the road we came we heard sudden barking. It was loud and out of nowhere a dog ran towards the car. At first we were worried we would run it over as it wouldn't move and kept heading for the car. We went slightly slower whilst being thrown around by the pothole.

The dog was chasing us and kept hitting itself on the side of the car, bashing into us on purpose. We turned the corner of this off road mud floor and another dog launched an attack on the car, running into the main body and howling/barking at us.

These farm dogs were scary and clearly trying to protect the farm, and kill anyone in the way.
It was like a pre-planned attack setup my a dog guarding agency.

They did not let up at all, and chased us all the way back to the road, one of the girls in the car was holding the door closed, worried we would be attacked, despite it being shut properly.

We laughed and we screamed, but it was one odd journey we won;t forget for awhile.

Beware of farm dogs from now on!


  1. I have had similar experiences with wild dogs.

    Scary! but always is a memorable story.

  2. Hope you didn't get scarred for life