Sunday, 6 February 2011

Random thoughts...

1) Remember when everyone just saw Egypt as the place with Pyramids and sand.
Well they are still rattling a few heads around the globe.
Might teach a few people about Egyptian politics and culture, where they previously might have just seen triangles in a desert and camels as the main points.

2) Why does my phone always run out of battery at they key moment of the day. It never runs out when I am sitting comfortably and doing nothing, only when I am about to leave the safety of my own home. The phones know when we leave and try to make us stay and charge them...yes this was an odd thought.

3) I think I would have suited life in an ancient village, I get annoyed when my technology doesn't work, wouldn't it be great just worrying about lighting a fire and hunting. If you didn't know about any of this modern world, you would find happiness in the most basic tasks.

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