Thursday, 17 March 2011

Moan of the day - Barry the Pigeon and I

The title of this post makes me laugh, anything with the word pigeon in it is bound to make me laugh, it is such an odd word, representing one of the oddest creatures.

Yes Pigeons are a little crazy at times, but the other day I had one of the funniest moments in my life, and yes it was with a pigeon.

Regular readers may know about my fear of birds, however this bird I met on the pavement recently wasn't scary but humourous and entertaining.

We have all been in the situation on a path when a yourself and another person try to walk past each other, except you both go to go the same way. Then you both head the other direction blocking each other.
Yes it is a confusing stepping process before someone stops and you can both pass usually laughing or apologising for getting in the way.

This is the situation I had with the pigeon, who I have now named Barry.

We were on a path, when we came head to bobbing head (Barry the pigeon is the bobbing head not me), this pigeon did go to fly off or move out my way, just instead stood his ground.

I went to go left and so did he, i went right, and he went right. This step repeated a few times, before we waddled out the way.

This situation involving Barry the pigeon  was very humanising. It gave human character to this bird, and I wondered whether perhaps he had done this before.

He seemed to get the path passing process, and almost apologised on his exit. The personification of the bird was extremely funny and entertained me for a few short moments!

I hope you meet a funny bird to make you laugh soon, I for one hope Barry is well.



  1. Thanks for displaying the A to Z in your sidebar.
    I agree that pigeon is a funny word and they are rather odd creatures, but I can't understand why anyone would be afraid of birds.

    Arlee Bird
    Tossing It Out

  2. Thank you, I look forward to the A-Z Challenge, will bring lots of ideas to the forefront