Thursday, 21 April 2011

A - Z Blogging Challenge: R is for Rant

I Rant to you today, in order to let you know what has been annoying me and making blow up on the inside with anger at a boiling point, or just a  light humour perhaps, will see how this pans out.

Things that have been annoying me

  1. Food going off in the fridge, and no one bothering to freeze it or eat it
  2. People using too many dishes and glasses causing lots of washing up
  3. Loud shouting between rooms, even-though everyone is still shouting back saying 'I can't hear you'
  4. Weird smelling soap that makes your hands smell odd not clean.

People that are annoying me

  1. Jedward - no explanation needed
  2. The Only way is Essex - who watches this trash
  3. Rupert Murdoch - too much power
  4. David Dickinson - always annoys me, be less Orange

Annoying Topics 

  1. Fuel Prices - silly increase
  2. Royal Wedding - must it be mentioned on every show, every hour.
  3. X factor USA and UK drama
  4. Celebrity affair cover ups 


  1. I am also annoyed whenever I hear about the fuel prices. The media here in the US loves to talk about how high they think it will go. I think there are better things to report.

  2. Lots of things to get annoyed about. But there is still much to be thankful. Visiting you from the A-Z challenge.

  3. Adam, all good annoying things. I really agree with the royal wedding...get on with it, please.

  4. I take it you'll be happy when the wedding is over and done with.

  5. Just so you know, I've passed an award to you. Come to my blog and claim it, if you'd like.

  6. Wow, thanks for the huge response everyone