Tuesday, 31 August 2010

X Factor 2010

As I sat down to watch the X factor for yet another year, I thought perhaps this year they would change the format of the show.

However, within the first minute predictable editing, montages, and sob stories were thrust upon the nation. Although at heart we new this would be the case, I was not prepared for the disappointment of tampering with contestant voices. Immediately I could hear the auto tune software as it clearly echoed and tingled in my ear. Those older viewers such as clueless parents did not register, but we know in our youth of Charlie bit me auto tune and T-Pains Auto tune app for the Iphone.
There was no attempt to disguise the software, these contestants may go on to Win the X factor, however their first audition will never be that of Leona Lewis or Alexandra Burke's honest and stripped back Audition. A young woman Gamu was the most used and exploited in her audition by her X factor team as she gave a great rendition of Walking on sunshine by Katrina and the Waves, which would not have needed tampering with.

In a quick mention the slightly odd yet entertaining 'Mercy Woman' (Shirlena Johnson) was less than beneficial from auto tuning. The recent claims of her mental state has been likened to that of Susan Boyle despite being her own individual self, will she put in a box with the now millionaire Scot.

X factor - What are you doing? Sort it Out. remember this year not to use so many lights

X factor Auto tune - Gamu

Charlie bit me auto tune.

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