Sunday, 12 September 2010

Sunday's Irritant of the day!!

Was up early painting the garden fences, and got it done quite swiftly despite the wetness of the paint, which easily ran down the panels onto the concrete slabs (Ottoh!). 
I then moved on to mowing the lawn, a rather tedious task where you spend most of the time removing grass from the mower. Thankfully I didn't bag it up as I could empty it in the fly ridden compost bin (the smell was rotten). 

The first problem to overcome is that the grass was wet due to the amount of rain, but it did really need a cut, so all the glass shavings are now stuck to the insides of the mower which will end up on the garage floor.

Secondly, the mower decides to clonk out halfway through the grass, meaning a long wait for it to recharge before I could carry on, as it would look stupid half cut. 

When will these battery powered motors last.

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