Friday, 24 September 2010

Top 3 Moans This Week

1. Internet connection - why is it that the internet fails at every opportunity when something important needs to be sent or done. It seems to be a hinderer on my life. For instance I was staying at a hotel which advertises free Wi-fi, however there was no verified certificate so I could not connect for the whole trip.

2. Leaving packing to the last minute - I always manage to leave my packing for going away to the exact last minute. Suddenly I am full of stress and rage as I try to gather all my clothes for the next academic, doing washing at late hours and remembering that I haven't packed a tooth brush.

3. The Company - I have been trying to contact a companies account department and every time I ring up the person refers me to them, however it is always an answer machine for all their employees. I want to speak to someone human so I get a refund.


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