Sunday, 19 September 2010

In the valley

So I have been away in Wales this weekend, and what a trip it has been. On arriving over he Seven Bridge, you are greeted with great scenery and a toll bridge (ruins it a little). The Welsh hills and valleys seem more exciting than the English countryside despite being very similar. Or perhaps it is the vast amount of sheep...
The weather held up great, and I even needed sunglasses. I have seen the delights of Swansea (particular the harbour), Ammanford and Llanelli and the people were rather upbeat and much nicer and those from England. Everyone greeted me as if I really mattered to their day (a good hello can go a long way).
Maybe it's the air, or perhaps it is the more relaxed pace of life, but the Welsh are very friendly and shame us Brits.
I have been walking up hills and mountains, and have had many of funny events happen which I shall post soon.

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