Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Irritant of the day..1.2.3

Today's irritant is that of annoying people. Moments when you need to count back slowly to calm yourself.

There is always one person that manages to get on your nerves no matter where you go. Whether they are over argumentative, say weird things, or just pain odd, all you want to do is shout at them to pull themselves together and have some self respect.
Do they not know that everyone is laughing at them..? Or that their comments cause sniggering and whispers.. Do they really not see people thinking, why don't you just sit there and be quiet like us. If they stopped asking questions, perhaps the rest of us could leave earlier.

One of example of bad sportsmanship... well just annoying behaviour. Is one girl who demanded the lecturer would print the module guide in a different colour as it hurt her eyes. SINCE WHEN HAS BLACK HURT PEOPLES EYES. Surely red wouldn't be any better. She also had the cheek to ask for it in bigger font.
Some people know how to wind me up.... just sssssussshh yourself.

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