Wednesday, 13 October 2010

I don't think so! Apprentice moments.

The Apprentice best bits of the week - thank you BBC for providing us with humour in business.

1)A group of girls getting along under pressure. I don't think so
(maybe if there mouths were zipped shut)

2)Glamour ? Blowing up a beach ball. I don't think so.
(be careful if you have atmosphere)

3)Looking cool with that product on the beach. I don't think so
(it is just a rolled up towel)

4) "I'm not being confrontational". I don't think so.
(why are you shouting then)

5) Small earrings on today. I don't think so
(watch out for a gust if wind)

6) Sand on Brighton beach. I don't think so
(not even in 100 years)

Sir Alan was on the screen this week, missing from Heathrow Airport. He must have very important things to do as he is a millionaire.

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