Thursday, 14 October 2010

Moan of the day 14/10/10

So it's not even winter yet, and all my pet peeves about the cold weather are starting to frustrate me.

Firstly, my nipples are starting to poke out like an excited nosey neighbour, as respond to the chilly mornings and unexpected cold walks.

Secondly, the fact is when I enter inside any area, the simply temperature change, inflames my skin, sending me into a whirl of bright red rosy cheeks (even more than normal), combined with a temperature change sweat and creeps in under my armpits warning me I shifted inside.

Thirdly, being hot and bothered from this temperature change outside doesn't actually mean it is cold inside, yet certain institution's and areas believe it is already acceptable to put on the heating. It is only a little bit fresh.

Finally, you know about those wet/sweat patches you leave on chair when you stand up... they are back

Nice I know, but what are we meant to do? Have cooling chambers?

Peace out for tonight!

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