Friday, 15 October 2010

Thank you readers..and.. Moan of the day 15/10/10

Just wanted to say thank you to the viewers around the globe who have been reading my blog. From Malaysia to South Africa, Germany, Canada, USA, and UK.
Knowing that my blog is reaches the far corners of the world, inspires me to continue writing it and reach more of you out there. Thank you.

Today's moan of the day... is sometimes been misunderstood as a common and normal behaviour, but make no assumptions of this irritant as it is a persisting and spreading problem.

Have you guessed it..? Of course not, this is to obscure and random for you to have predicted it.

It is the issue of the 'CHAV'. Although officially we cannot use the term Chavism yet, I think it is about time we acknowledge the spread of this group of people.

Whilst I must say that NOT all Chav's are rude and dumb people (some are lovely), but if you watch an episode of Jeremy Kyle I'm sure your main reason is to laugh at Chav's and acknowledge their stupidity and lack of Condom use.

How can we solve the problem of the Chav?? I suggest removing council housing estates from over growing and being left isolated without the proper facilities to help those needs.
Also we could stop the sale of sport brands in matching track top and trousers.
Also lets have a re-education for parents who believe there 5 year old should be robbing from Primark.

There it is, a few things to change.

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