Sunday, 24 October 2010

Top X Factor Moans of the week

1) X Factor  (you know.. that ITV show with Simon Cowell.. heard of it?)
-They mime on the group songs, and they don't even try to hide it. The obvious miming is clearly shown as none of their voiced sound live but only processed on the results show.

- Cheryl Cole and the fact that her and her contestants hair were died red. Is there an advertising campaign? Or are they all really obsessed with you.

-Belle Amie - and there obvious self-destruction on the show is seen, as their VT tape sets them up to be at the bottom.

- Aiden Grimshaw - Will he survive his awkward performances, which to be honest has become something rather scary and borderline creepy/psycho.

-Will Cheryl's live performance tonight be note perfect...? If not her dancing will make up for it, and we expect a smoking outfit to detract from her singing abilities.

- Cher Lloyd is a rough Chav - who isn't a gangster, so stop rapping like one.

The only good things to say this week is that Matt Cardle absolutely stole the show with his cover of Britney Spears, he is the highlight and clear winner so far. Also we can look forward to the talented Michael Buble this evening.

In other X Factor News, rejected Contestant GAMU showed up at the MOBO awards this week. we hope she bounces back.. she deserves it.

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