Sunday, 31 October 2010

The X Factor: The good the bad and the Ugly

It is Week 4 of the live shows of The X Factor (ITV) and it is beginning to heat up as some talent is shining and some his flopping. 
The Halloween theme this week wasn't really embraced by many of the contestants, whose mentors thought having the word 'blood' in the song made it spooky. 
This weeks round up:

Matt Cardle - great voice as usual although not his best, however it is a really tough song and he did it justice as he made it his own. He didn't really express the Halloween theme, although Leona Lewis herself can be creepy at times, as she doesn't often smile.
Matt Cardle

Paije Richardson - Into week 4 and I am still not a fan of him. The use of the word 'diva' which is a supplement for the word gay in his case seems to be thrown about when anyone is talking about him. I thought a diva was a demanding female vocalist. He sang well this week but he just lacks a star quality, he just wouldn't work in the UK market. Was it Halloween..?
Paije Richardson

Aiden Grimshaw - well without sounding like a broken record...You make me feel uneasy when  watch you. You make me want to hide as your psychotic eyes follow me on the screen. Your Michael Jackson cover of 'Thriller' pretty much had you spitting on MJ's hard work. Good idea..wrong delivery. The song was Halloween based that's it..
Aiden Grimshaw

Simon Cowell
One Direction - So this week I thought One Direction sang really well and as a unit, and showed their potential to be very successful in the UK market. Although for them to progress it would be good with Harry Styles took some lead vocals. Great idea to place them as Vampires also, cash it in for Halloween.
One Direction

Belle Amie - Once again Belle Amie were pretty much strolling down the road...their vocals weren't always in harmony as a group. Their need to all shine doesn't help the song, as one key vocalist would give us some consistency to deal with. They may be up for the chop in the results show..but well done on the Halloween theme.
Belle Amie

Louis Walsh 
Mary Byrne - Once again I cant fault her voice...she makes everything sound good, but would she ever have a place in the UK charts..I'm not sure. Perhaps Britain's got Talent may have served her better. Apparently it appears Louis' idea of a modern song is Take That from the 90's, which turned out well, but it was still an old song. good luck Mary..your name is addictive to say in an Irish accent. Halloween theme..not so much.
Mary Byrne

Wagner - Up until this week I have been a supporter of our crazy friend. However this week I struggled to understand his phrasing and his whole performance. The combination of the two songs didn't work this week, and he might face the chop. However Wagner did rock the Halloween theme with some success..the gaunt look. 
Wagner Carrilho

Cheryl (national treasure) Cole/Tweedy
Cher Lloyd - The change from gangster wannabe to a credible artist may have just occurred this week for Cher. Stepping away from this rude girl atmosphere she reminded of us of why we loved her first was the fact that she just sang and made her vocals do the talking. This is a clever ploy from Cheryl Cole and the X Factor machine to attract back any 'haters' than didn't respond to he rap/shouts. The world may say your name in niceties again. Great job on the freaky Halloween tune and number.
Cher Lloyd

Rebecca Ferguson - I was not a fan of Rebecca at the beginning as her shy persona and fragile vocals deterred me..however I am now enjoying her performances and her style. She is making transitions week by week to improve..I hope she sticks around and grows into a star. Her Halloween style was questionable though.. could have been amped up higher.
Rebecca Ferguson 

Treyc Cohen - After being in lasts weeks bottom two it seems Treyc has picked herself up, and away from a deluded rock artist. She embraced the week and tried her best..her voice is great and she looks great...she did well with the Halloween theme, but there is something missing, and it appears to be the hunger for victory which doesn't transpire to the viewers at home. She may need to get a sob story..
Treyc Cohen

Katie Waissel - After she smashed last weeks performance, she had to prove she could continue her run. She used a retro classic from the Tv show 'Bewithced', which I didn't realise had words as I usually hum along to it..du du..du..du. It didn't shine out like last week and didn't feel overly scary for Halloween (but hey the word 'witch' was included), but she managed to sway me to the love her side of Marmite. I think she may grow stronger in the competition and be around a few more weeks.
Katie Waissel

I would love to hear what you all thought of the finalists this week, leave a comment and tell me who your favourite was. 

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  1. i totally agree with all of it except one person! and thats treyc, i just cant conect with her, she seems distant and comes across as arrogant especially to dani's comments last night, yes she can sig but it isnt all about the singing!