Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Apprentice Week 6: Best quotes.

This week Lord Sugar set the task of an advertising/marketing cleaning product for the kitchen.. 
I have some great quotes for you this week.

- Was criticised by Lord Sugar for looking odd when he came into the house, he had long socks and shorts on.
Stuart Baggs

- After Sir Alan woke them all up.. Joanna siad..
- 'I can't believe I have just met Lord Sugar with my Pyjamas on'
 Joanna Riley

Project manager CHRISTOPHER (ex-services)
- 'I take a killer instinct'
- Well we won the task so maybe he did use his instincts
- he also said that 'Sex sells everything' and we wasn't far wrong as his trophy wife worked the advert.
Christopher Farrell

- Came up with the idea of 'Germ-o-nator' I felt it wasn't just referring to germs but also the extinction of German's I am surprised no one said this.
Chris Bates

- When filming their advert.. Liz said to the model..'pretend it is Brad Pitt you were sat next to..not Chris'
- I hope Liz keeps these coming she is a strong candidate 
Liz Locke

- Had some great quotes this week, and he wins the best apprentice quoter of the week
- 'The blitz was like a bombing thing'
- 'Most the people who were alive then are dead now'
That is some serious quoting with no understanding of how it may come across the TV.

- In the boardroom..when talking about Alex's advert
'mmm..remind me of one of your friends midnight DVD's Nick'
-Thank you very much for this quote Sir is one of your best.

This weeks best award goes to NICK for superb quoting and eye rolling

- 'send her daughter to she can perhaps as an Octopus grope her Husband'
When he was talking about Christopher's advert and acting with the model.
in the boardroom
- 'as soon as she mentioned Octopus you were on it like a tramp on chips'
A fantastic Simile Nick

Nick Hewer

But Ultimately it was Alex who got the chop this week and was fired with some dignity and manners.

Alex Epstein
Did you have any favourite quotes from this week?...Let me know..

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