Friday, 12 November 2010

Quick Moan: The being late curse

I am often late for my lectures, but this is usually only 2 minutes or so, as it is that fine line of leaving on time, people traffic, weather that dictates my journey,
However over the past few days my lateness has been punished...

First of all..I was only 1 minute late the other day for a lecture...but in this time the heavens had opened and it had decided to chuck it down with rain. I rolled up into class the only one wet and soaked through..everyone else was smiling with dry clothes and hair.
If I had been on time I would have avoided the soaking...a bit of coincidence I hear you cry..but to me it meant I was punished and that next week I shall be on time to this lecture

Secondly, on Thursday I was once again running late for a lecture, and only a few minutes once again.. it was for 11am. What I had forgotten was the importance of this at such an early time. I took the usual route to my lecture when I came across a group of people who were stood still and frozen. I thought It was a cool flash-mob perhaps like in New York or London stations. It was the 2 minute silence for Rememberence day. Everyone had stopped, no one was walking..I thought should I be late..or respectful of the dead..? I voted for the later. There were schools and coaches of people outside the Cathedral, it obviously wasn't the best route. I waited for the silence to stop, signified by a band and Vicar's speech. However only a few students then moved on..and people were not moving off the path for you..they were forcing us on to the mud.

I was once again punished for being just a few minutes late..

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