Wednesday, 29 December 2010

The Big Moan - Operation Spoon.

Yes I know this title sounds positively crazy and odd but it is the story of operation spoon; a very real and well thought through plan.

In the recent years, one problem has become apparent in our household, which was catching us off guard and leaving us stranded in a pool of misery, a downward spiral of hatred and unthinkable anger...

The uncle.

He comes to visit us and stay over night now and have a rest...get him out of the house.
However this has come with some problems.
He wakes up very early. Around 6am, every morning...even at the weekends.
And what happens in the UK when people wake up...they have Tea.

This is where the story heats up...the gritty tale of an annoying habit.

When he makes himself a Tea at 6am he manages to wake us all up. Why...because of the spoon he uses to stir his sugar in.
This spoon is stirred around for over a minute, mixing sugar and Tea. Bouncing off the sides, hitting the bottom. One big metal noise drifting through the rooms.

It is enough to send you crazy. It lasts for a long time...and there is no acknowledgement of this if he finds it perfectly normal and correct behaviour.

This is where Operation Spoon originated.

For this year, we were prepared and now the problem has been solved. We replaced all the small teaspoons with plastic spoons in the drawer every night before we went to bed. This was to prevent being woken up, irritable and damn right angry.

Every night before bed for 4 days, we replaced the spoons with the plastic ones and hid the metal ones away, only to return them when we woke.
It worked like a charm, and we no longer were the victims of an early morning...
It was a hard and gruelling lives were lost...but a lot of courage was needed.




  1. I like it. You had a problem and you found a solution. I would probably have thrown him out.

    Nice job!

    - Wally J

  2. Thanks Wally is always hard to throw family out!