Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Bruno Mars: Best New Talent of the year!

When I was asked who I thought was the best new talent of the year only one person could have possibly popped into my head. He is super talented and very cool..its....MR BRUNO MARS.

His unique voice and style has been echoing around the globe the past year...and he has quickly established himself as a credible artist with bundles of potential to stick around.

He reaches notes that no one human can, his melodies are always spot on and hit the money every time. He is one of the fresh and super talents of the year. I first remember hearing his voice on the radio and wondering what an amazing voice I had just heard. Despite being on a rap track, this man stood old as a talent and I only wanted to here more and more of him ever since.

He has collaborated with Cee Lo Green, Travie Mccoy, and B.O.B all before his debut singles were released.

Already a huge star Bruno released 'Just the way you are' (Amazing), and is set to release 'Grenade' very soon here in UK.

Both songs are equally great and unique at the same time. His soulful harmonies and lyrics are melting the ears of many music lovers..

He can only get better and better..... Congratulations Bruno Mars.

Also check out the amazing live acoustic session of 'Grenade' which sounds incredible.

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