Saturday, 11 December 2010

The X Factor: Sparks are flying

It seems that Matt Cardle and Rihanna stole the show with their duet of 'Unfaithful'

The set up was ideal, and with clever lighting and staging of all fitted into place.
Matt and Rihanna both sang individual great parts..although it was annoying that Matt changed the words to fit a male perspective as the word change stood out.

Rihanna was sizzling this evening, she was on fire and no one was going to stop her from her territory on the show. She gazed into Matt's eyes and sang to him whilst flashing him some leg and by the end they were almost at each others lips. Good staging there..unless it was spontaneous, and it is bound to get people on the dog and bone....Phone.

We have not seen so much chemistry since Beyonce and Alexandra Burke....

Rihanna followed the duet with Matt Cardle to perform her latest single 'What's my name?' and she rocked the whole crowd and the evening. Ripping her clothes off to reveal beachwear...she was enticing everyone..and although raunchy it was done with good taste.

Beat that anyone else if you dare.....

But who knows will ultimately win...

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