Friday, 3 December 2010

Moan of the day/Week - NO WATER

So within my flat complex where I live there are 136 flats, and we are all without any running water...which makes me want to scream to the heavens

It is not meant to be working again until Monday at the least...3/4 days without running water...are they having laugh...and pipes coming from isn't that far away.

Should be so easy for a new building to get this much for inventions..the Ipad, computers..scan/pack/pay. We can't even keep new pipes working.

I want to shower, wee, and do No.2's, wash my hands, cook, wash up...yes I want to do all of these things..

Nothing should take this long..and we only been supplied 2litres of water...what an absolute joke.

Although It may be down to the big chill here and temperatures reaching just doesnt cut it..and a 4 day wait certainly cant be right for 136 flats



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