Sunday, 5 December 2010

Who will eventually win the apprentice??

I would love to hear what you guys think of the remaining candidates..and who you believe will win.

Throughout this series there has been a mixed amount of talent, from the obvious sellers to the sneaky brain boxes. Although you may think it is hard to consider a winner at this very point..they all appear strong candidates who may have the potential to go far.

Stuart Baggs -  Our favourite German Speaking Englishman
Young and foolish at times, but when it matters he can use business skills with little experience showing his raw potential at this stage of his life. He has become one of the series best characters with energetic outbursts, funny quotes and bizarre but funny behaviour. Will Sir Alan like the rough diamond...or is he wanting stability??
Stuart Baggs

Joanna Riley - Our biggest shock
For me she is the person who I thought would leave fairly quick in the process...however she has been improving each week. She may not present herself as the front runner..but I bet she would happily push her way up there. She says fantastic people skills..and she never appears to be mean to clients and others.. I think she may be the one to watch.
Joanna Riley

Chris Bates - Forbes magazine...
The posh boy has good business sense and a good knack for slagging...but it works.. He has made this far...I don't believe he will be standing in Lord Sugars company at the end..but he won't go down easily without a fight and his trademark frown.
Chris Bates

Jamie Lester - Up and down performer
He has the gift of the gab... and could charm his way to victory...but does he have a good business skill set beside he a number he creative enough to win. It is a surprise he made it this far..but he keeps picking himself back up..and Lord Alan Sugar admires that quality. 
Jamie Lester

 Stella English....................Front runner
Stella English
Determined to not be cold and wooden, this woman appears to have nothing to hide...great at sales, maths and creativity she has been nothing other than strong and focused throughout the process...but us she the rough diamond Sir Alan is really looking for?


  1. Well, Liz is now out of the running and Stuart has survived - who would have thought it? None of the contestants are perfect - but Joanna seems to have the most practical business mind and is also assertive and sparky...

  2. I would agree that Joanna has been in the background (although loud) ans she may just push put there in the next round..she doesn't look like she has anything to hide in the interview stage