Thursday, 30 December 2010

Quick moan of the day!

King of the Dishwasher:

There is always one person in a household who takes charge of this rather important job. They don't do it because they want to or enjoy it, but because it is a necessity. Everyday, they trudge threw it and they often ask you to do it...'why don't you go do it', 'it's your turn'.

However when you do go to load it up the King of the dishwasher sneaks around judging your ability to do it right. Yes they want you to load it up but only the way they do it.

They want you to put the knives up the right way, the plates in the right section.

By the end of all the tutting and judging you wish you had not bothered.

I hear this is a common problem in many households, but it seems that it is OK that anyone can unload it, as there is no packing skill to this.

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