Monday, 31 January 2011

Moan of the day

I have been visiting my family and friends for the weekend and as usual I had an eventful time.

Travelling back home was a fun one as usual, 2 trains and a tube. 

The tube ride didn't go as smooth as possible but hey ho this stuff happens. First of all, saw a policeman dashing down into the tube looking panicked...never a good sign. 

I had booked a return ticket for off peak travel, and decided to meet my friend at the train station halfway through the journey as she works in London. I was a bit early so I thought I would go walk around London for a bit.
I got off two stops early on the Victoria Line on the Underground at Oxford Circus to have a look round, however this just didn't work out.

My ticket would not let me go through the barriers exiting Oxford Circus, which was very annoying and stressful. There was no machines to get a ticket by the exit, and the escalators that bought me up were only one way up and out. There was no exit. 

I didn't realise my ticket only covered me to go to certain tube stations on my travel, no diversion allowed, just Euston - to - Victoria on the tube, or exits that were to train stations, got forbid I wanted to walk around a bit.

Anyway I tried to head back the way I come against a big crowd of rushing Londoners, I found a taped barrier between people going up and down, there were no security people, so I just slipped underneath it and back down on to the Victoria Line, not looking around Oxford Circus. 

I made to Victoria to meet my friend, but came out at different exit on the street, compared to usual which confused me. This is because I got on and off and different points, I was standing near Billy Elliot, so just headed back down the stairs to I eventually came into the main station area. was all OK in the end. 

Euston Underground station, London

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