Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Irritant of the day!

Was expecting some nice coursework back today and didn't arrive.

I rolled up to the office to collect it, confidently whilst remembering the module code and it wasn't there for go sakes.

I guess I will be waiting a long time for it to arrive back to me now, considering the tutor said it would be back over a week ago.

Perhaps I am a tad impatient, but it is my thirdly year of University and temperatures are rising all over the place in one massive panic stricken class. 

Why do you taunt us and keep us waiting like animals in the zoo waiting for feeding time.
Why O why.

From now on I will only have 6 hours of Uni per week, due to independent study, I feel sorry for those students who will be paying higher tuition fees for 6 hours a week.

On brighter notes, I have the day off tomorrow so that will be fantastic 

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