Thursday, 6 January 2011

Moaning/Irritant of the day!

It may seem that the day has consisted of rain and wetness, which has reminded me that we have a harsh rainy winter to endure, full of darkness and gray...but hey lets not get  bogged down in that rather annoying topic (winter).

Today I bring to you the pain of essay writing.

I could write about this everyday here on how it ruins my free leisure time and haunts my thoughts at night, yet writing anything in a formal sense becomes such a challenge.

Whilst a formal essay means using none of your own opinions and spending the whole time writing references and citations, here you can write freely, with optionally bad grammar, and genuine wit and comedy.

How I miss the times of year 3...we sat in circles legs crossed, saying what we all liked. Circle time sure beats the essays of today, I bet they have year threes writing clearly stated arguments about global warming these days.

Has all the fun of education gone. When I graduate University I will have spent three years learning to write academic essays only to find I will never need to write one again in my career.
Surely there must be a more effective away of examining us all to increase our skill set.

When will I rule the country to success!

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