Saturday, 5 February 2011

Moan of the day!

Last night/early hours of the morning I went downstairs into the underground car park to take the rubbish out. It had piled up and started to smell, and it needed to go whilst it was on my mind.

As I was walking to the bin store I saw that the garage door had been taken down, meaning anyone and everyone can just wander into our flat complex.

I walked into the bin store and swung my bags into the bins as you do.
I turned around and in the corner was a man just standing there.  He looked strange at a glance, probably in his 30's.

He was rummaging through the bins it seemed.

I don't no whether he was looking for food or bank statements but all I know is that this was odd.

I needed to get out quick, before this tramp went psycho. He said 'Aite?' as you do these days, I said 'Hi' and left.

He kept rummaging I guess, I hope he found a decent meal, but it certainly was an odd experience.
I am sure that until the door is fixed we can expect a load of random city tramps in our flat complex...Joyous.

It looked nothing like this, but get the idea


  1. Europeans are so much more relaxed about stuff like this. I wouldn't care, but I know lots of Americans would freak out if they saw a homeless guy in their complex sorting through the "rubbish." =)

  2. I am not used to it, as I haven't lived in a flax complex before, but very strange.