Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Moan of the day!

Annoying funny people is todays topic.

Today I was with a friend when we saw a man holding a bike sitting down by the curb.

He looked a little estranged, and then we noticed his leg was gushing with blood, well bleeding mildly.
I must be a horrible person as I immediately wanted to laugh out loud, as he looked so depressed and that cheered me up (was feeling a bit mean today).

He looked a little lost, clearly his leg had stopped him to be able to pedal on, and get back on that horse (well bike).

We popped to the shop to get some food, and then saw him again.

We had moved about 300m, but this time was sat on the floor almost in tears.

Everyone was walking past seeing this man with a bloody leg and wincing face.

However in this day and age, if someone needed your help surely they would say, I thought about asking if he was ok, but everyone has a mobile, so maybe he just tried to keep going and make the most of his pain.

Perhaps I was a little harsh when writing this, but he looked so sorry for himself with his push bike and a bloody knee.