Tuesday, 19 April 2011

A - Z Blogging Challenge: O is for Oops

O is for OOPS, and those moments in which you just did something stupid and silly and have embarrassed yourself in front of a crowd of group of people.

I am going to tell you some situations where Oops fits with embarrassing behaviours. 

I guess you could describe some of these as Epic Fails. 

  1. When I fell into a paddling pool fully dressed at a party and I was soaked through
  2. Speeding into a brick wall on my bike and crashing - there were no injuries
  3. Calling someone the wrong name after knowing them my whole life
  4. Forgetting fathers day
  5. Tripping outside down a set of steps in front of a coach full of school children
  6. Throwing a snowball in a girls eye by accident and watching her crying
  7. Rolling down a ramp in a go-cart, not enough speed up that hill
  8. Falling out of bed at a sleep over and crushing a friend
  9. Running into a girl in P.E and watching her being wheeled off the field in a wheelchair 
  10. Choking on a cheese string in front of a crowd of diners 

I would love to hear what everyone else has done...


  1. those are pretty bad, but only a couple would be "epic fails!" my kids use that term...And I love reading British posts - "behaviour" and I assume a "coach" is a bus.

    Here's one of my many:
    Just about to graduate college, I thought I'd be cool and drive my little car on the wide sidewalks across campus - one section was under construction and I scraped the side of my car on the chainlink fence =) lovely.
    Happy O & P days!

  2. Jeez, sounds like you may have a few good stories like this to tell.

    Hope you made it out not too bad

  3. I had one of these just the other day. Walking through the office with my cellphone in my hand. As I walk I keep hearing a soft music playing. I keep looking around trying to figure out where it is coming from. This goes on for a little while until I look down and realize it is my own phone on Pandora.

    Another of my personal favorites was also at work. I'm on hold on the phone and I get up from my desk with my headset on to go pick up a print out. As I'm walking I am "truly startled" when suddenly there is a voice I am hearing and no one is around....DUH it is the caller I had been on hold waiting for.

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  4. This is great, thank you fro sharing