Wednesday, 27 April 2011

A - Z Blogging Challenge: W is for Whine

Whine, Whine, Whine, well that is me, I love a good whine. So today you shall have a good old whine for me.

I am avoiding the obvious 'W' for Wedding, aka Royal Wedding, as I am sure many of you will be posting about this joyous event.
In an earlier post I expressed my annoyance of the wedding. I do not disapprove of it but merely dislike the constant badgering from the press about it. The wedding itself is great...
So I guess I have just ended up talking about the Wedding like a whiney mare.

Why is it when its hot people suddenly run to ice creams like they are God?

When the Sun shines, why are people so keen to tan but always burn.

When will I stop talking about pointless and silly things...Never.


  1. yes, and why does the ice cream truck come around as soon as the sun first peeks out and it's only 50 degrees?
    happy w & x days!

  2. Oh you are silly! But that's what keeps me coming back to your blog!


  3. LOL People do run to ice ream when it's hot and when it's frozen outside, I hate all the "I need hot chocolate, hot tea etc. I'm freezing." Not me. The colder it gets, the more I want ice cream and I refuse to drink anything hot. Great post! I love reading your moans and whines.

  4. Thanks everyone, I will keep on being odd for you all