Wednesday, 11 May 2011

The Apprentice 2011: Week 2 Apps

Lord Sugar

This week on the Apprentice Sir Alan Sugar challenged the wannabe candidates to create a Mobile Phone Application or more commonly known as Apps as Lord Sugar so kindly pointed out to those technophobes.

This challenge should have been the opportunity for all the candidates to shine as they all work within this technical driven world of work, but many left their creative ideas in the bin.

Ideas didn't seem to flow successfully and with any form of creative flare.

Both Apps showed minimal promise and likelihood to catch on, but these app lovers will buy any free Apps through pure boredom and something new to add their high tech phone (mini computer).

In the world of the apprentice behaviour is often bizarre and crazy but week 2 has once again delivered some of the oddest behaviours 

Vincent Disneur
Vincent - Who has consistently displayed himself as confident and oozing potential dramatically failed and cracked under the pressure. 
I know that doing presentations are always scary and tense but he cracked like Humpty Dumpty - yes he did have a big fall.
Other candidates can exploit his presentation weakness to set him up for a firing.

Glenn Ward
Glenn - his idea for a slang app just seemed to odd to be true. A risky move in this current world of political correctness.
Minute racial slurs could be seen - but really it was a harmful joke.
I can't help but love a good welsh farmer impression.

Edna Agbarha 
Edna - I am still not liking this lady. I shouldn't make snap judgements but something about her still makes me cringe. Her attitude and projection of herself is awful considering her work within the psychology field. Being The role as Project manager did her no favours.

Gavin Winstanley
Gavin - Now Gavin seems capable and confident, however his constant moaning about not getting the right roles and jobs within the group must stop. Constantly saying you are great without any actions or proof of this will stop his pursuing any further.   

Zoe Beresford
Zoe - Who is this?? Haven't seen her for the first two episodes, she needs to pip up fast.

Leon Doyle
Leon - he should have been on the chop in my opinion, his idea of success was not shown and he just didn't preform. Being dominated by Jim showed his weakness and inability to lead,, but perhaps he may now buckle down.

Promising Candidates 

Jim Eastwood

He was confident, strong and took no prisoners and he was sneaky, this weeks Apprentice to watch was Jim. 
Faced with the possibility of being taken into the boardroom, Jim fought his corner.

He scared Leon good and affirmed himself as dominant male as be backed Leon into a corner expressing his pure strength and confidence. It is as if Leon saw his display of strength pre-boardroom and gave in to his demands to leave him out of the boardroom. 

If this is how Jim is going to fight for his spot in Week 2, I imagine that he will most probably make it to the final 5.

Melody Hossaini

Melody is showing promise through her rational head and knowledge. Although not likely to win the overall competition her skill set is already proven to be strong and business minded.

Quote of the week!
Nick Hewer

Nick Hewer - on the comedic value of apps 
"I don't know if I am just too old and not getting this"

Too find out who left the apprentice, click on the link below, if you don't want to know then read some more articles on the site.

Alex Britez Cabral

Goodbye to fired apprentice Alex

He was fired on the basis of taking the back seat, and hiding behind the scenes.

However I believe he was unfairly fired without a chance to prove what he was capable of.

Did we really get to see what he did throughout the challenges, probably not as he wasn't bitching away. He did the jobs that needed to be done and I commend him for that.

I felt as if he was picked on by his fellow candidates to take the fall when the losing of the task was not his fault, he just loss in the fight for dominant male.

See you not soon!


  1. can't wait to see when Jim step up and become PM