Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Moan of the day 13/10/10

Today's moan is a bit of a cheap shot not only because I secretly love this place, but as it is also very cheap place to be.

I was in one on the leading retailers for low price goods (POUNDLAND) where I simply wanted some cheap equipment to conduct some D.I.Y (from IKEA). I had been walking around thinking of what I needed and had also grabbed some cheap crisps and notepads.

What did I really need.... A Phillips (you know.. its like a screwdriver).

I was queuing up to buy my items, for what seemed to take an eternity of foot tapping. I got to the till and the man serving me refused to sell me the Phillips.. it was just for some simply D.I.Y.

They weren't allowed to sell them to under 21's. This was surprising, as I could legally drink, smoke, drive, buy a house. However I could not simply do some hard labour.... tighten a bolt, make up a cabinet.

What has the world come to...? Not everyone is a driller killer, a crazy knife carrier or Phillips carrier.


Doesn't that just get on your tits.

Anyway I got a middle aged man to buy it for me, and as 20year old I felt violated and without rights. Maybe I will shop on-line next time.

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