Wednesday, 17 November 2010

The Best Apprentice Quotes: Week 7. West Field's

This week on the BBC's Apprentice Sir/Lord Alan Sugar set the contestants the task of creating the Big screen entertainment of green screen motion films to sell an a fun DVD to the willing (I'm on TV so yeah) public at West Field's Shopping Centre in London.

We have watched another week of this entertained filled show and the quotes are still coming thick and fast.

When hearing of there early morning visit to Pinewood Studios she said...
'I'm sure its some department store'
And when they approached it she responded with...
'It must be a famous studio or something'
I know we all have our moments. but this really took the piss, how did she not know this world famous studio, and more importantly, why would she think it was a department store...Was she thinking of Pineapple the dancing shop...?
Sandeesh Samra

Chris 'Army'
Said to Jamie on the task that
'you look like a milk tray man'
Why..I didn't see it myself, it just sounded odd
Christopher Farrell

Stuart Baggs
'I don't sit anywhere...but the top'
It must be hard for him to find chairs in everyday life, constantly going to the highest point to find them..not sure he will make it to heaven to look down on us from his chair.

'If my hearts not racing, there's no point being alive'
So we can dream of that

'Where's the spooooon...where's the spoooon' 
When talking about the girls need to be spoon fed information. The tone used by Stuart was fantastic..drawn out and in a funny voice

'I hate ass covering'
Enough said on this one..
Stuart Baggs

Champaign taster assistant
On the task prize the woman said
'it's spitting, sniffing...all the things your mother taught you not to do'

Sir Alan Sugar   -  Lord Sugar
In the board room Sir Alan asked about the information in Stuart's head and what would happen to them if..
' you got run over by the number 6 bus, where does that leave me?

Lord Sugar

The apprentice quoter of the week once again goes to our favourite NICK who produced some fantastic remarks about Stuart Baggs

'Stuart's leadership style leaves me trembling with irritation'

'Who does he think he is?'
Nick Hewer

However ultimately it was the lovely Sandeesh who left the competition, for being up against strong contenders in the board room.

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