Wednesday, 15 December 2010

The Apprentice: best quotes this week: Week 11

Lord Alan Sugar's BBC1s the Apprentice 
This week it was the inevitable return of the interview stage, which always brings about fear and nerves in the candidates, and this week was no different. The harsh grilling of them one to one individually has been great in breaking the strong from the weak.

Also we have the return of Margaret. HALLELUJAH! The eye rolling is back.
- She wasn't taking any prisoners, she wasn't happy to be addressed by her first name by Stuart.
Episode Eleven - Next Time

Jamie Lester
He told the lie that he had a third nipple
- He became a bit of a bumbling mess
'I really thought I was in the final'
Jamie Lester

Stella English
'I grew up on the biggest Counsel estate in Europe' - sob story plea, not the X factor love
your just a good P.A.- 'I find that incredibly insulting'
'I need to get to that final and win..then the real work starts'
- she is the admin Queen
Karen - 'She is ambitious'
Stella English

Stuart Baggs
'you've got to show you've got the balls...and the minerals to do it'
'there is something in me...something raw'
'we were all young once, we all do silly things don't we'
'a silicon chip, which lets you track chips' - QUOTES OF THE WEEK
'if you lost your pet, you will never lose it again'
was told - 'your not even a fish'
'was really friendly..but can completely kill you'
Stuart Baggs

Joanna Riley
'they have definitely underestimated me'
'are you really going to wear that?'
Buckled under the pressure, didn't know what Lord Alan Sugar did and owned.
Almost crying after being with Claude
'I am a decent person who wants to do well'
'I don't want to be Joanna a cleaner'
Joanna Riley

Chris Bates
Was told he looks like a quitter
Describes an outfit as 'new labour'
He doesn't mind bragging about his achievements, he however quit a law degree
'I didn't flunk out, I changed my course'
'You get a bit of a verbal bashing'
Chris Bates

'Do it the hard way, or I can rip you to shreds'
To Stuart - 'your actually not very nice are you?'
Chris bates 'your a gifted talent'
'I'm Stuart Baggs the brand..what the hell is that'
Stuart - is maverick

Episode Eleven - Grilled Joanna

Lord Sugar
To Stuart - 'your full of Shit' and 'I feel further sick'

But who left the process........Who was fired...?

STUART BAGGS - fired for lying, and bragging and bullshitting

JOANNA RILEY - fired, to grow and develop her company

JAMIE LESTER - fired for coming to the end of the road

The Final

Stella and Chris

Who do you think will win The Apprentice?
- they will be creating a new Alcoholic drink

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