Saturday, 11 December 2010

The X Factor: Her SWAG is turned off!

This evening showcased a fantastic amount of talent however the first elimination of the final of The X Factor 2010 was the junior Cheryl Cole, and all around Marmite girl Cher Lloyd.

She tried her absolute best (I mean best...she forgot to sing) to compete against all the other more competent singers, and she showcased an array of melodies.

Whilst singing with her guest Will.I.Am she still did a so called 'mashup' (I call it stopping one song and starting another), where she would have benefited sticking to one song to help her get into the final (hahaha). The fact is that Cher and Will.I.Am didn't fit as they should of, it was more reflective on Cheryl Cole needing to call in a favour to Will.I.Am to help promote the known runner up.

I call Cher Lloyd the known runner up, as everyone knew she was going to be on the chop after the past few weeks. She was ushered into final (hmm Simon Cowell) after changing the format from three finalists to four, and a scandalous vote off which saw Dannii Minogue vote against Mary who she has championed.

It was apparent that Cher herself knew she would be leaving...she had expected it and prepared for tears.. no tantrums, just a relief to have been there. So she will go graciously and maybe move on in her career.

Cher Lloyd's Swag has been turned off.


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