Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Moan of the day!

Being on time for once...and everyone else is late.

Seems I trekked into a lecture only to have to wait over 45minutes to begin.
You try to be early, but when you do, no one else appears to be following behind you.

Just one of those days it seems.

Mulling around trying to work hard but with no success.

Seem to be stuck in a downward spiral of no inspiration to work...well this seems to happen a lot.

Whatever happened to learning for fun, without all these tests of coursework and exams, I am sure we would all be empowered by more knowledge.
However, I guess they want to control who has the information...yes you know who 'they' are.

The Government......da..da..daaaaah.


  1. I use to get so mad at some professors in college because I'd show up for class - and they'd speak for 5 minutes and then say they were going to end class early because they had something to do - If I had lived close to campus, this would have delighted me, but I had to commute by train (and it took an hour).

  2. Well, thats not fair considering your commute, we have similar students who spend a lot to travel there via train or car, and they were extremely angry.
    Hope it all ended well for you