Friday, 11 March 2011

Japan Earthquake and Tsunami

My deepest empathy is shared with the nation of Japan as they suffer the aftermath of the 7th largest Earthquake recorded in the world.

With a 8.9 magnitude the Earthquake struck viciously and without haste as the East Coast of Japan awaited the very long Earthquake to stop its wrath.

Reports indicate that the Earthquake lasted a long time and aftershocks have been continuing ever since. Due to the large initial earthquake, the aftershocks have been big and just as dangerous.

With Tokyo experiencing a high impact of shocks, its buildings have survived, however residential houses have suffered. Reports have indicated the ground departing, and debris damage.

Close to the epicenter damage has been severe, added to by the large and devastating Tsunami which has followed.

With massive waves as high as Jumbo Jet Planes, the destruction is growing and causing buildings by the coast to be ripped apart.

In the sea one boat was trapped in a whirl pool near the harbour as the sea took its vengeance.

It is reported that over 50 people have been reported dead so far, with a high injury rate raising hourly.

A fear of the Nuclear Power plants structure is under review by the Japanese government, as some fires have started, although reporting no radiation has been leaked.

One passenger boat with 100 passengers has been reported as missing, after it was swept away by the power of the tsunami and angry sea.
My heart goes out to the nation.

Alert warnings around the pacific are in action, with Ecuador, Mexico, Australia, Russia, Indonesia, Taiwan, Hawaii, Philippines all on standby.
New Zealand has just reported its threat from the Tsunami is lifted, and Taiwan is shortly behind this.

This natural disaster is just awful to see, and the aftershocks may be seen for a long time to come.
After last years Chile Earthquake, aftershocks and seismic activity can be seen to continue a year after the quake first stuck.

Be safe, and be strong out there!  

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