Monday, 11 April 2011

A - Z Blogging Challenge: I is for Idiots

Today I bring you the behaviours and actions that just makes someone an idiot. Perhaps I have biased views and negative stereotypes of people, but hey, feel free to enjoy these moans in which you can ponder over and reflect on. 

The actions, behaviours and stupidity of an idiot

  1. Walking into a glass door, worse than running into one, at least these people didn't have the chance to make a quick decision to stop. If you walk into one, that is just idiotic. 
  2. Spitting in the street. This shows what an idiot you are, have some self-respect
  3. Swearing more than 3 times in every sentence
  4. People who think the moon is a planet
  5. People who don't know how to mix colours to create new ones
  6. Why can't some people know the alphabet without singing it
  7. People who think Africa is one country
  8. That the President of the United States rules over both South and North America
  9. Crossing the road and making a car stop for you, don't cry to me when your in the hospital
  10. Missing out the letter 'g' on the end of words leaving it as Bangin or Livin, even worse when you use an apostrophe at the end, why not just put in the 'g'
  11. Begging people for cigarettes and lighters in the street, either get your own or quit, and don't look so disappointed when the person you ask doesn't smoke.
  12. Asking kids to go in the shop and buy you alcohol, are you that desperate middle aged homeless man.
  13. Stopping quickly on a busy path
  14. Punching someone repeatedly because its their birthday 
  15. Forgetting your shirt on a hot day, take one with you at least for when you go into a shop or somewhere not outside


  1. funny list...they really are idiotic. Some of them I;ve seen before....and it surprises me constantly that they can manage to make it day to day.

  2. Okay, I've only done #1. Not bad!