Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Travel: Train Habits

I have an issue on a train when I am sat in the window seat all comfy and snuggled and someone comes and sits next to me. Suddenly I am squashed and aware of by belongings, their body odour, and all their awful habits.

From sniffling and coughing, to shaky knees people know how to make me grip my teeth together and pretend to be a nice person.

I find the situation much worse, when you have had the whole journey to yourself and then one stop before you are due to get off someone sits down next too.

From relaxation to stress. You need to allow time for the fat person next to you to get out of their chair and into the aisle so you can get off the train before it leaves the situation.

Sometimes this person is asleep or unaware you are trying to get up and off the train.

Similarly an issues arises with people who love to read massive broadsheet newspapers on the train, they get right on my side of the double seat.

That is all folks!

These seats look a tad more private and spacious 


  1. It could be worse... a crying screaming child could sit next to you... or if you live downtown, a homeless man with a garbage bag and a scratchy head, or... actually the scratchy head is the worse I can think of...

    Trains, plains, and buses make me wonder how people survived without iPods.

    I like Amtrak... I always just go to the observation lounge, buy a bottle of wine, and read my book.

  2. Yes there is defiantly worse things to experience when travelling.
    The idea of seeing a homeless man with a bag on the train is rather odd.